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Writing Secrets You Must Know


Writing better is critical for students. But it’s even more important for business communicators.

Let’s face it… if you write succinctly, you can:

1. win promotions

2. lead people with your creative ideas, and

3. create instructions for your employees to follow

Therefore, here are five secrets about business communications you must know:

1. You must write simply – We all want simple instructions that are easy to understand. Choose words that everybody knows, and offer analogies that are clear and precise.

2. Use action verbs – Passive verbs like is, are, was, and were simply exist. Active verbs jump, run, explain, and covey information.

3. Learn from the best – Read Mark Twain’s brilliant short stories. Study Ben Franklin’s short quotes and aphorisms. Lean about headlines and copywriting from researcher John Caples.

4. Compressed messages – In the fast-paced 21st century, readers demand information in short, easy-to-absorb form.

It’s been said that the average adult attention span today is a mere eight seconds. Can you deliver the theme of your message in that short time?

5. A word about headlines – Researchers say most of us look at headlines four times more often than we read anything else. Therefore, that headline – or the heading on your paper – should capture the reader’s interest immediately.

Bottom line: Learning to write clearly might be the most important skill you’ll ever acquire.

Rix Quinn's book Words That Stick offers simple ideas for both students and business writers.

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